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Helps you digitize vinyl records and cassette tapes, and improve their quality

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rating Jem
Fantastic software. Sad to see the developer passed away. He/they were always helpful. Sometimes the best kit is the simplest.

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rating Kevin
This is a fantastic package. I am so sorry to hear the developer passed away. May he be in a much better place.
Hopefully someone is able to come up with a product as simple and inexpensive as he did.

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rating Tim McNaughton
This was a GREAT program. Reliable and Easy to use. I used it for years. I lost it in an HD crash. RIP.

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I purchased legally this software and had a lifelong subscription. everything changed when the developer passed away. The site was down. My computer crashed. I lost my key and wondering, can my subscription be renewed.

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rating Oswell Eckhoff
I have been using Polderbits sound recording program since 2008, but recently I lost the program because I messed up my PC. I loved that system and it did everything I wanted. I wonder if you would be willing to send me the system again?

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rating JW
Great recorder.

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rating Bill
Most of the comments confirm that Polderbits no longer exists. If this is so, what is Software.informer downloading on this site? Am I being unreasonably paranoid?
Polderbits was the best, down-and-dirty recorder/editor and I give the old version the 5 stars

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rating mike
I've had polderrbits sound recorder since 2005, I love it! I've recorded most of albums on CD's s as well my cassettes via computer. bought the license version and have been to take it and place on my other computers....love it!!everyone should have it

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rating The best!
The best!

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rating Olaf Thorstensen
The best!

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rating tmayoral@live.com

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rating Ed M
Used recorder and editor for years. Great program

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rating Casimiro Antonio Calleja
Good sound editor

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rating Wayne G.
Owned and used Recorder and Editor for years but bought new computer and lost access. Can't believe it's no longer available. So easy to use, did everything I wanted, great quality; all anyone would want.

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Edward Kelleher
I have Polterbits Sound Recorder and Editor, it is the best program, it puts Audacity and Sound Forge to shame with ease of use, sad to hear it's not available.

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